Homemade Chantilly Cream

Homemade Chantilly Cream


Homemade Chantilly Cream

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 30 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 10



  1. Place your mixing bowl and whisk attachment in the freeze for 20 minutes to get it cold.

    Once they have been sufficiently chilled place them on your stand mixer and add the heavy whipping cream to the bowl, turn the mixer on just below medium speed and allow cream to whisk and incorporate air (this process give the cream volume)

    (No stand mixer? No problem, a balloon whisk and elbow grease will do the same trick)

    When the mixture has thickened up to a cake batter consistency (soft peaks) add in the sifted sugar and meringue powder and vanilla

    Continue mixing on medium until ingredients are incorporated and then bring your mixer's speed up to medium high in order to establish firm peaks (firm peaks are when the whipped cream holds its shape without falling)

    Do not over mix the cream as it will start to clump up and the butter making process has then begun.

    Fancy this recipe up with real vanilla bean, see Pro tip in the notes section. 

    Pro Tip: To add a little more in flavor and looks to this cream substitute the real vanilla extract for real vanilla bean. Cut a vanilla bean in half and reserve the other half for another occasion. Take the half you have and slice it down the middle and lay the bean pod face down so all of the tiny seeds are exposed. Using the back of your knife scrap the tiny seeds out of pod and add this dark and rich vanilla to your cream instead. It will give you the little speckles of real vanilla and the robust flavor too.
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