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Crispy Orange Chicken


There are so many Orange Chicken options on the market now from frozen options to take out options to fast food options and dine in options.  What I decided to do with this recipe is to pull out the elements I love best of the variety of Orange Chicken meals I’ve tried and combine them all into one flavor bursting succulent dish.

The combination of rice and all purpose flours gives the chicken a coating that is not too crispy and not too soft.  The vinegar and soy blend brings in a tangy element and the fresh orange juice and zest eliminate the fake orange flavor found in other orange chicken dishes.  Traditional Orange Chicken has a nice heat element to it but many people have a difficulty with heat and are often turned off by this dish.  Well rest assured, I have made this dish without the red crush pepper for my clients and it holds up with our without the heat.

To turn this into a full course meal serve this Crispy Orange Chicken over a bed of rice or other grain of your choice such as farro or quinoa.  Sauté a side of mixed stir fry veggies and or serve with a few fresh slices of oranges.

Get the recipe here: Crispy Orange Chicken Recipe

Bon Appetite!


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