Antipasti Platter

I love an Antipasti platter, you can virtually use any type of deli meat, cheeses, spreads, jams, preserves, tapenades add some fruit fresh or dried, nuts, crackers and vegetables. For Antipasti if you choose vegetables choose those that complement your platter in size and color, blanch greens to make their color pop and their texture more palatable. Consider using some pickled or marinated vegetables or peppers or an olive assortment. Get creative; the possibilities are endless. If you feel like this is a big step for you, start small with limiting the number of options on your platter. Maybe start with a smaller platter and a handful of options but remember mixing up the types and textures is key.

Look for deals in your grocery store, even items that are marked down if you plan to build your platter within the expiry dates. Often times you can find marked down deli items that are prepackaged or crackers and breadsticks on discount. A few other tips to consider, shop at more then one retailer, check out your local markets as well as deals online for canned or jarred or boxed options. Pick up a few mini utensils and some small bowls to keep dips, spreads and jams separated. And don’t forget to check the bulk foods sections of your local markets, many options are available in any quantity so you don’t waste money and only buy what you need.

In this platter I used an assortment of crackers, bagel chips, fresh and blanched veggies, deli meats and sliced Christmas ham (this was a New Years 2021 platter) , mini naan bread, the cheese I had on hand (bonus points for those of you that recognized the mozzarella string cheese, don’t judge, I’m a huge fan on using what you have on hand) and olives, hummus and a goat cheese spread. It took all of 20 minutes to put together and offered a little (or a lot) of something for everyone.

PRO TIP: Drain all marinated and canned veggies well, if needed pat them dry with a clean paper towel.



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