Kids Spy Birthday Party Food Ideas

My 8 year old daughter really wanted a Spy Birthday party this year so we put our heads together and came up with these fun party food ideas for her guests:

Fruit Explosion: Watermelon cut in half remove meat and cut into cubes for skewers, place empty watermelon half cut side down on a tray, make fruit skewers with your favorite fruit (we used watermelon, pineapple and strawberries) top skewers with pre-printed printable labels (we used words like POW!, ZING, BOOM and SMACK).  Poke skewers through watermelon to create what looks like an explosion.  Add grapes and cherries to the bottom of the tray to add the fruit “bomb” or cluster “bomb” effect.

Fruit Explosion

Fuses: Here we just took store-bought red vines and placed them in a metal container, we only used red because she doesn’t care for black, but if you can get away with both I would prefer to mix the two.


Truth Serum Pills: Here we used store-bought Hot Tamales and warned guests that if they attempted to eat them they would beg for mercy!

Truth Serum Pills

Fire Crackers:  Using store-bought Fire Cheetos, we displayed a mouth-watering and fire cracking sensation in the mouth that guests couldn’t resist.  There was a spy challenge among the kids as to who could put the most fire crackers in their mouth for the longest period of time. (Make sure you have extra napkins and ice water at the ready).

Fire Crackers

Spy Cookies: These are sugar cookie cutouts decorated with royal icing, my daughter picked out the cutters she wanted and we decorated them together.  Gum Shoes, Clue Cards, Question Marks and Mustaches.   The Mustaches cookies were a huge hit with kids, almost every guest had a cookie mustache photo taken.

Spy Cookies

Spy Cake: And last but not least I made her a spy cake, she requested bombs, glasses, magnifying glass and mirror trick writing, the cake is a twist on strawberry shortcake.  Traditional Shortcake layers with fresh strawberry filling and vanilla whipped buttercream icing.

Spy Cake

Party Favors: We had Pop Rocks (labeled “Warning Explosive Material”).  We made homemade dynamite by wrapping SweeTarts in red streamer paper three to a bundle and by attaching pipe cleaners to the end.   I hope that these ideas help you when planning your next spy birthday party!

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